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natalacexlogo.fwThe Beginning of Natalac Express was a Story of True Determination, Natalac aka Sheldon Davis started Driving as a Company employee for a Chemical Transportation Logistic Company in 1997 while still doing his Music in the Nineties after being discharged from the Marine Corps.  He never allowed himself to be side tracked by any situation. He drove on countless Interstates and Highways delivering freight doing rap shows balancing his Family.

Natalac Started his journey with a Girlfriend taking her whenever wherever the truck moved, Never Stopped even when his family grew which is why his son learned how to walk somewhere in between natalactruchslide2Louisiana and Texas at a TA truck stop.  In which his daughter came next, things got cramped but He always Treasured Family over everything else always Knowing he was wrong for breaking the rules of family riding on his Company Truck, he was eventually found out when he got hit in the Back by a fork lift driver walking back to his Truck and his family was found out then he was fired in st. Louis and had to make his own way back to Florida after 7 years of employment.

Nnatalactruckatalac received 12,000 dollars to be split with attorneys. Being back at square one again after healing worked for the next 7 years
trucking and rapping for another Company. Then Natalac scraped up enough cash, including Title loaning his Cars and pawning his Rap Jewelry to make the Down Payment and started working for another Company but for some reason after he invested all his Money in his own truck the company that hired him as independent Contractor fired him after two weeks for something on his Record almost 15 years ago.  Being a Man and a Driven Man he didn’t give up; he contacted a Polish Friend named Piotr, who could barely speak English so his wife translated and he sent him to another Polish man Named Derrick who gave Natalac a job in ST. Louis the first place he was fired from the first time.

Natalac Worked for him a couple years and the Owner Derrick said Sheldon why don’t you start your own Company, I’ve Never seen anyone quite like you and I believe you can do it.  Taking it to heart as a multitasking Marine Natalac started Natalac Express in addition to Natalac Records. So when you say man Natalac you drive trucks and rap is incorrect…. because you should be saying Natalac You are a Driven man and it’s a Wrap. One for the Money, two for the Show, three to get ready, and four to Go! Natalac STAAACKS for  the Money, Natalac  Pretrips for the Show, Natalac put a Girl on the passenger seat, Natalac ready to go! Yeeeeeaaah!